Welcome to Cheap Restaurant of Outcast! / 追放者食堂へようこそ! ~最強パーティーを追放された料理人は、冒険者食堂を開きます!~
Rank: 27373rd, it has 19 monthly / 600 total views.
Artists: Tsumumi
Genres: Manga , Comedy , Cooking , Fantasy , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
Dennis is one of the most popular members of the Silverwings , the world's strongest party. So popular, in fact, that the party leader expels him from the group out of spite. Stripped of his home, Dennis decides to start life anew following his true calling—as a chef! His life as an adventurer might be over, but his new life as a cook is just beginning. He teams up with Atelier, a young girl who has been similarly exiled from her home, and opens up a restaurant for adventurers. He's finally able to live out his dream, but he'll need use of more than just his cooking skills to take care of his eclectic customers' problems!
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