I Was Summoned to Another World as a Savior, but Because I’m a Woman in My Thirties That’s Impossible, So I Quietly Started a Book Cafe / The Savior’s Book Cafe in Another World / Isekai ni Kyuuseishu to shite Yobaremashita ga / Around 30 ni wa Muri na no de / hissori Book Café Hajimemashita. / 異世界に救世主として喚ばれましたが / アラサーには無理なので、ひっそりブックカフェ始めました。
Rank: 2392nd, it has 3.5K monthly / 35.1K total views.
Authors: Kyouka izumi / Oumiya
Artists: Sakurada reiko
Genres: Manga , Shoujo , Fantasy , Romance , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Ongoing
In this charming tale, a woman gets transported to a fantasy world and pursues her own quest: opening a book cafe! When a "god" tells Tsukina that she is to be transported to another world to become its savior, Tsukina isn't interested
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