Contains Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
ED Ouji, Haimete no. / Arab Kan ~ Daifugou no Jabujabu Sanzai Purei ~ / ED Ouji, Hajimete no. / ED王子、はじめての。 / The Wicked Arab -Extravagant Sex With A Millionare- / アラブ姦~大富豪のジャブジャブ散財プレイ~ / 아랍 대부호의 사치 플레이
Rank: 18885th, it has 131 monthly / 5.6K total views.
Authors: Mikumo yuzuru
Artists: Mikumo yuzuru
Genres: Manga , Yaoi , Smut
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Year of Complete: 2016
Renta: "Help me get an erection! I'll pay you as much as you want." Locked inside a mansion in a desert country, Akira has to put up with Salim's kinky sexual activities day after day. Salim puts a weird device on Akira's you-know-what, forces him to ejaculate while riding an elephant, sets an octopus on him...... But he never tries to have sex with him, because he can't get an erection... Days of pleasure trap this Japanese businessman, who only came to the desert country for work...! Related Series Gyaku Arabu kan ~Kyonyuu Gachimuchi Ooji no Nikkan Pikupiku Purei~ (Sequel)
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