Heavenly Famous Medical Queen: First Miss Is the Genius Doctress Playing the Merciless Role / Yī Hòu Lì Tiān: Shényī Dí Nǚ Hěn Juésè / 医后唳天:神医嫡女狠角色
Rank: 12947th, it has 287 monthly / 5.5K total views.
Authors: 传奇漫业
Artists: 传奇漫业
Genres: Manhua , Josei , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Medical , Romance , Tragedy
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Left to Right
Year of Release: 2020
In my previous life, I lived with pigs and fighting for food, and finally died miserably. My body was covered with blood on a snowy night! Now back from her rebirth, Shang Qingying decides that she will not let go of anyone who once bullied her and humiliated her!
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