I Built a Lifespan Club, I Built the Club of Longevity, I Created the Club of Immortality, Wo Dazaole Changsheng Julebu, Wǒ Dǎzàole Chángshēng Jùlèbù, 我打造了長生俱樂部, 我打造了长生俱乐部
Rank: 3230th, it has 2.6K monthly / 3K total views.
Genres: Comic , Webtoon , Action , Martial Arts , Mystery , Super Power , Supernatural , Time Travel
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
Lu Li spent his time working in the capital, bumbling around, without any hope in sight… He wanted to change, and to become a big shot, to have money, to have power, to have women, but… he was just a mediocre person! One rainy night, Lu Li acquires a special ability, he could buy and sell “lifespan”, from people. He could partially perform ‘time acceleration and deceleration”! Hence, Lu Li set out to change his fate against the odds, heading for the sovereign throne of the heavens, and to build the “Eternal Club” in the city! Check out RealmScans.com for more interesting Manhua.
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