I'll End This Engagement / I Will Break This Marriage / I'm Going to Break This Marriage Now / 이제 그만 파혼해 드릴게요
Rank: 54th, it has 47.3K monthly / 47.5K total views.
Authors: Guguz / Iltahong
Artists: Ttororong
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Shoujo , Adaptation , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Isekai , Reincarnation , Romance , Villainess
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2022
Soojin is suddenly transported into the 18-year-old body of Leah, the second female lead in her favorite web novel. As a villainess reincarnate, Her mission is to avoid a terrible ending. Soojin's only option is to break off the engagement... However, Devan, her egotistical fiancee is not making this easy, not one bit.
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